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       “ Christoph Joseph is a brand that sets the benchmark in providing consistent, expertly crafted , premium essential leather goods and accessories.

     Distinctive and bold, each and every quality inspired product we create embodies an expression of a lifestyle, driven to represent you, the discerning consumer.

     We proudly proclaim that our original authentic statement pieces are made in the U.S.A. and are intended for enjoyable use – lasting generations. “

With new impressive stylish designs coming to the market at each opportunity, it is our commitment to blend artistry and creativity with the consumers expressive lifestyle one is passionate about. We achieve this on the world’s oldest known raw material- Leather. Yet, timeless and relevant for the modern era.

Key attributes include achieving and exceeding expectations with products that showcase a high regard for attention-to-detail, expert craftsmanship , proud and diligent work ethic.

Our leather products are primarily targeted towards image conscious men of all ages . As specialists in making custom crafted wallets of all formats, sizes and platforms – our foundational starting point – it is our vision to expand into other products lines, collections , genres and genders in the very up and coming years. It’s exciting. 

We are a Southern California founded business. The brand launched in 2018 as a small single man small business and we are expanding as the brand grows thanks to you our customers.

You’ve reached Christoph Joseph Leather our companion website to Christoph Joseph the Brand website. One in the same. Just expanding our reach and presence on the web. The only difference is our other site was undergoing a hosting move and having development work done so it’s temporarily down. christophjoseph.com also features a custom wallet design tool option. No other leathershop has a feature like ours. Nonetheless, we wanted to provide a live ecommerce website to place orders and learn more about our work specializing is customized leather goods.

Our Team

Proudly Originated from a family of Italian Artists. Founded by the hands and vision of Artist Christopher Joseph, our creative journey, our team is currently in the making as our company grows from simple roots.

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When you want to make a statement and set to unleash and indulge we are here to serve your custom needs with unmatched specialized expertise. Why settle for plain..We make leather flare happen..

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Hand Crafted In The USA